Taman Rimba Kiara is a little green gem located in a corner of the TTDI residential area. The above flowering tree, the firmiana malayana or mata lembu, flashes in testimony to man's care-less-ness - it's one of only two trees in the park that had flowered, since then the tree had been chopped down.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

'Raining' tailorbird

It does not rain but it pours, may not be the most relevant of phrases but that's how I felt when I came across the Ashy Tailorbird, following close on the recent Dark-necked sighting.  It has been awhile since I spotted the Ashy, much less got close to it.  This one seemed undeterred by my presence as I pursued it when it crossed my path suddenly.

It was going about so rapidly that I wasn't even aware that it had caught something until I examined my shot.

Another Wagtail

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new arrival in the Grey Wagtail.  This one is certainly a late visitor, and by appearance looks to be a sub-adult, still moulting.

It also looked like it has lost a wing feather.

In comparison, the earlier one was a more slender and elegant looking adult.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Tailorbird to the rescue!

It was going to be a truly dry outing until I was on the way back and was stopped right in my track by the close calls of the tailorbird, and there it was, the Dark-necked Tailorbird just metres away.
As usual it was fast and foraging non-stop and I guessed suddenly felt my presence that it halted to give me a couple of precious shots.

And there, it finally saw me!

And then as a bonus another jumped into view, a younger one.  It was fortunate that this one played longer in fuller view, and allowing comprehensive angles.

It too finally noticed me clicking away!
Unlike the older one, it was unfazed and continued to scan its surrounding.

Bulbul moment

It may just be the common Stripe-throated Bulbul but I was only too happy and thankful to have it come so close, and for longer than moments, as it foraged, and bingo, it got its prey.

Got it!

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Belly view of Iora

It's always a treat to come across the Common Iora perching openly scanning its surrounding.  This is a hyperactive bird that's always foraging, always on the go.
No matter that these images are merely belly shots of a female Iora!

As I was passing by

Thanks for the pose!

As I was passing by

What a delight!