Taman Rimba Kiara is a little green gem located in a corner of the TTDI residential area. The above flowering tree, the firmiana malayana or mata lembu, flashes in testimony to man's care-less-ness - it's one of only two trees in the park that had flowered, since then the tree had been chopped down.

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Be like the nightjar

 A stoic put-up was what the slumbering Large-tailed Nightjar did when a troop of large-tailed macaques of at least three generations broke up the quiet noon hours.

It hardly batted an eyelid at the approach of the noisy swinging troop until the very last moment when one was practically above it.

Did it flap angrily, was it flustered, it looked more like a dignified annoyance at the intrusion.

Being no match for the 'manysome', it simply fluttered down to another branch.

Now wide-eyed, it still kept its calm as it watched warily, and we homo sapiens shamelessly took advantage of the situation to get opportune shots of this taman's icon that rarely opens its eyes during the day, trying quietly to manoeuvre round the tiny window in the intertwined lower foliage.

And of course, it had to take time for the leaping and swinging primates to clear through its domain, provoking another protest from the avian.

On the alert as it watched the young and old macaques practically scrambling about left, right, high and low.

Finally some peace and quiet as I checked in an hour later, its amazing composure during the almost 20 minutes of harassment still fresh on my mind.

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

still very much a drongo

 My very first thought, as I approached, was it was perhaps an avian migrant, until another angle revealed a newly grown tail streamer.

An outcast (?), a misfit (?), one week later it was still alone perched on the same tree, this time its lone tail streamer has extended and the other no where in sight.

As I was passing by


Thanks for the display!

Not by design

as we are so we do


Sunday, 14 August 2022

Bulbul goes splish-splashing

Too tempting not to dip in ....

Excuse me my rudeness!

Ahh, yet a swirling yellow vent to cover the 'rudeness'.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

First flycatcher arrival

 And so they're coming, again!  And eagerly awaited too!

My very first sighting of an early arrival, and unusual at this time of the year when normally avian migrants here would be spotted only from late August onwards.

As usual sighting a migrant visitor is always thrilling especially a Brown-streaked Flycatcher (Muscicapa williamsoni) although not uncommon but is not so easily sighted anywhere.

Its distinct streaks and sallying behaviour set me excited immediately when I first spotted it, also recalled my very first sighting of this bird in the taman in September in 2017.  However unlike the 2017 sighting where that one sallied and perched at less than 3m/10ft up high, this present one kept to the upper canopy the entire duration I was observing it.

And I don't expect this one to stay long here similar to previous visitors that merely transited a few days here.


Wednesday, 10 August 2022

for a fruit

One fruit for one bird ...

... until this one landed almost right next to me, and shocked, it promptly left its fruit as it flew off to join its mate.

As it sensed there're onlookers and opportunists!

And soon enough the perpetrators moved in.

Would it let go?