Taman Rimba Kiara is a little green gem located in a corner of the TTDI residential area. The above flowering tree, the firmiana malayana or mata lembu, flashes in testimony to man's care-less-ness - it's one of only two trees in the park that had flowered, since then the tree had been chopped down.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Woodpecker's playground

 The Banded Woodpecker seems to have a favourite 'playground' and strangely it's among the fan leaves of the palm trees.  Perhaps it's the airy blades of the leaves or the smooth stalks that it loves.  I have come across it on more than one occasion, messing around.

It normally flies into the palm leaves, hops and clings and hops and clings.

It then slides along the stalk or petiole, makes soundless cries, scans around and leaves.

Migrant stragglers

 The Yellow-rumped Flycatcher was one of the earlier arrivals but not the Brown Shrike nor the Asian Brown Flycatcher.  And these birds are still around.

First, in the taman, this one flew down to the ground unexpectedly, a surprise for it is uncommon to see an Asian Brown Flycatcher on the ground.

Then I came across this female Yellow-rumped Flycatcher busy looking for a meal whilst I was up in the bukit.

And on the way back this Brown Shrike flew into sight with a meal in beak but by the time I reached it for an image, the catch was down in a gulp.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Heron's private moment

 This has got to be the longest stay by any Chinese Pond Heron in the taman after it has assumed breeding plumage.  It has been almost a month now and the pair are still seen about, and getting more used to human presence too, at least one of them.

I was especially pleased to chance upon its rare display of preening, up on a tree.

Looked like no feathers left untouched.

Preening included scratching, to the right, left, above and below too. 

Fluffing, reminding me of Old Scrooge.

And cleaning up included clearing the throat too, I guessed, as I have seen done with birds like the goshawk too, before it finally took off after a good 15 minutes of display.

Ready to leave, simply because of the approach of other birders that were now alerted to its presence.

As I was passing by


Thanks for the pose, Gorgeous!

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

'She's a lady ... and the lady is mine'

 There are two avian species I always look out for because they win hands down for being most affectionate and doting.

The Zebra Doves (Geopalia striata) were the ones this time, 'manja' would be a perfect term!  The pair of male and female were hardly self-conscious.

"According to Gibbs et al. (2001), the adult female is slightly different from the male in the central portion of the breast in that it is narrower."

Wonder if humans copy avians or avians copy humans?!

Monday, 5 April 2021

Second chance

 A couple of weeks ago I lamented that I had the timing but the wrong place to capture the oft-taken-for-granted beauty of the White-throated Kingfisher.  

It looked like I had a second chance with this one as it dived in and out of a pool of rainwater, proceeding to dry and preen.

Changing position, scanning about, being watchful even as it's drying, which provided opportune images of its lovely plumage.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

'Golden' myna

 Mynas generally are taken for granted, hardly given a second look unless something stands out about them.

However the Common Hill Myna (Gracula religiosa) always attracts attention because of its calls, distinguishes with its black glossy plumage, pinkish-orange bill and most of all, yellow facial wattles which surely gives it its local name of Tiong Emas.

Being rather large in size measuring about 30.5 cm it is quite easy to spot.  And on this occasion the calls, as usual, gave away its presence.

This pair seems to be residents of Bukit Kiara because of its frequent appearance.

Both birds were busy preening but this particular one seemed desperate to flush out whatever was irritating it.  No water droplets were seen so it couldn't be wet.

Its black plumage practically gleamed in the sunlight.