Taman Rimba Kiara is a little green gem located in a corner of the TTDI residential area. The above flowering tree, the firmiana malayana or mata lembu, flashes in testimony to man's care-less-ness - it's one of only two trees in the park that had flowered, since then the tree had been chopped down.

Monday 28 December 2020

Encounters with juvy woodpeckers, Part V

It's reassuring to come across two of the juvenile Crimson-winged Woodpeckers out far and at the opposite side of the taman to where their cavity nest was located.  However I managed to spot only one being adventurous and already out hunting for food.  The other was heard calling and I could sense its movements as it called from different trees unfortunately was unable to sight it, as eventually I had to move away fearful for the pack of wild dogs, being the other not so pleasant residents of the taman, decided to take shelter in this part of the taman.

Walking on in the direction of the third call, I attempted to track the other juvenile but it kept to the upper canopy.  And finally the male parent flew in trees away and I was able eventually to identify another flying after it as the juvenile. 

It then looked like the parent was trying to get the juvenile to move about as it proceeded to play the characteristic hide-and-seek game with the juvenile (to my dismal as I tried desperately against backlighting to track it).

To my surprise it looked like feeding was still by regurgitating, and there were three feeds although I was unable to make out the nature of the food.

And then the parent was off leaving the juvenile alone again whereby it finally retreated up to the upper canopy and was there still calling out when I left.
Perhaps this was the one that first fledged as it was to these trees, and it looked like it had remained here, among the same familiar trees, for the last two days.

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